Group FAQs

Group FAQs

Can I bring group lunches into Funplex?  Yes, for any reserved groups you are allowed to bring in lunches Monday-Friday, and a space will be provided for 30 minutes. *Hint:  You can request a lunch time and we try to stay as close to it as we can accommodate*

How many people do I need to get a group rate?  You must have a minimum of 20 guests for the group rate reservations and be a part of an organization.

Is there a fee to park?  Parking is FREE at The Funplex!

Are our group chaperones free?  For any chaperones that are coming but not participating on the attractions they are FREE of charge.  If your chaperones are participating we recommend to pay the balance of your trip off at least 5 days prior to the day of your trip to receive 1 free participating chaperone for every 10 kids.

Can we stay all day? The group packages are timed we open as early as 10am and most packages are a recommended stay of 3-4 hours (Except for Group Package A which is 2 1/2 hour stay)

Do you accept Tax-Exempt Forms?  We do accept tax- exempt form.  Just please fax or email in advance of the trip we need a copy of the actual form. (Funplex Fax # 856-273-7624)

For more information, please contact our group coordinator at 856-273-9061!