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Fun Twister (Closed for the Season)


It's thrilling. . .it’s totally twisted. . .  Be one of the first to take a spin on our wildest new ride – Fun Twister – featuring a spiraling journey through the atmosphere that brings thrill rides to a whole new, unbelievable level of excitement.  Start Spring with a twist. . .put the all new Super Twister at the top of YOUR ride list!  Learn more

Must be 52″ tall to ride alone or 48″ tall & 6 years old to ride with an adult.

FunCoaster (Closed for the Season)


Our NEWEST roller coaster and our BIGGEST attraction ever – is ready to ride! Fifty feet of roaring, soaring dips, flips, twists and turns that take you on a one and half minute ride of your life. Experience the thrill as you skyrocket fifty feet into the air and plummet into a maze of breath-taking maneuvers sure to leave coaster lovers screaming for more. Bigger too – with room for four people per car – no doubt it’s our most thrilling new ride by far! Learn More Must be 6 years old to ride. 52″ rides alone and between 47″-52″ may ride with an adult. Anyone under 6 or 47″ is not permitted to ride.

Bumper Boats (Closed for the Season)

Bumper Boats

Cast off on one of our ten new Bumper Boats at The Funplex in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Seats two—1 captain, 1 mate. Sail around the fountain, cruise the placid waters or hide from friends near the secluded waterfall.  Learn More Must be 48" tall to drive, passengers must be at least 36" and wear a life vest.

Splashplex (Closed for the Season)


Splashin’ Speedway water park playground at The Funplex in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey is your place to play this summer! This new attraction continues all the fun of an amusement ride with the refreshing feeling of a water attraction. You can play all day in your own wacky water race track with one-of-a-kind slides, cool water cannons and totally wild sprays. It’s the fast track to chasing the heat away on a hot summer day!  Learn More Children 6 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult to enter.  Must be at least 36" tall for kiddie slide and 40" for all other slides.

Free Fall (Closed for the Season)

Free Fall

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be in space? How about sky jumping out of an airplane at 10,000ft? Our state of the art, 40ft outdoor Free Fall Ride can simulate these thrilling experiences. Our Free Fall ride is ideal for any age group (height restrictions still apply). Our different settings allow for a bouncing "spring" ride to a walloping 30ft. free fall that will make your jaw drop. Come and experience the unequal and unparalleled feeling of being weightless!  Learn More Must be at least 4 years old and 42"  tall.

Tilt-A-Whirl (Closed for the Season)


Experience the gut-churning, mind jangling thrills of the Tilt-A-Whirl at The Funplex in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey! The seven cars travel in an undulating path that is calm and peaceful one moment, and a spinning, twirling, tilting thrill ride in the next! You never know what’s going to happen— except that you better hold on tight, and be ready for anything!  Learn More Must be 6 years old and at least 46" to ride alone.  Passengers must be at least 4 years old and 42" to ride with an adult.

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

The Funplex in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey has two Adventure Mini-Golf Courses surrounded by blue misting waterfalls, trickling streams, lagoons, ponds and enchanted caves. Our first course, Adventure Cave, is a family favorite that takes our young adventurers through the heart of our thrilling course. Next up is the challenging Lost Lagoon, filled with sparkling ponds, fountains and waterfalls. All of our courses are covered in a lush shaded landscape that let you beat the summer heat.  Learn More